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Declaration on Public Service Innovation in Ireland

In order to serve our people better, the Irish Public Service needs to be highly innovative. Innovation does more than simply drive economic growth. It has the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges that Ireland faces now and in the future. Our organisations commit to take the following actions to build a culture of innovation in our Public Service. We will:
I. Further endorse innovation as a responsibility of every public servant;
II. Enable, support, inform and equip our public servants to innovate in their roles;
III. Cultivate new partnerships and involve diverse views in problem solving and designing and delivering our public services;
IV. Generate multiple options for existing and potential problems through exploration, experimentation, iteration and testing;
V. Provide insights into our experiences, best practices and lessons learned with other public servants in Ireland and abroad;
VI. Share knowledge and data with citizens in an open and transparent way;

Innovation, experimentation and openness require constant effort and a certain degree of risk. As public servants, we must be ambitious, agile and collaborative to achieve meaningful and durable results. In doing so we should be open to progressive thinking in order to create a new and better future for all inhabitants of the State. To solve difficult problems, we must rely on the diversity, ingenuity and creativity of the public and our fellow public servants. In times of considerable change and uncertainty, our greatest risk is refusing to take chances and try new things. We need a culture of innovation.

OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation:

The Declaration on Public Service Innovation in Ireland was based on principles developed by the OECD. Ireland signed up to the OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation in May 2019. Find out more on the supranational declaration here.

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