Action 8: Build strategic planning capability

Strategic planning requires structures and resources to be aligned with strategic goals so that the public service is positioned to respond to external challenges. This form of planning produces ‘living’ plans, capable of adjusting and changing to meet changing needs and circumstances. Effective strategic planning in the public service will allow the public service to identify challenges and the actions needed to address them. It will also enable the identification and tackling of barriers to successful implementation. Existing sectoral strategic plans such as the annual National Risk Assessment, Innovation 2020 and Enterprise 2025, as well as more long-term strategies such as the White Paper on Defence, the National Planning Framework (Ireland 2040) and The Global Island: Ireland’s Foreign Policy for a Changing World, already identify a number of key areas.


See fully expanded description of this action on P.25 of Our Public Service 2020.


While this action was not selected as a specific action for 2018/2019, the core values are being progressed as part of other actions in Our Public Service 2020, including:

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