Action 6: Promote a culture of innovation in the public service

Action 6 – Promote a culture of innovation in the public service

The focus of this Action is to promote innovation across the public service, including alternative and novel service delivery options. The public service needs to create new ways of working and to champion change if the needs and expectations of public are to be met. The public service needs to be facilitated in undertaking managed risk, and in recognising and rewarding achievement – we need to share our success and learn from failures.

In order to set about achieving this vision, the action team developed a set of initiatives, changes and actions to optimise the conditions and culture for innovation in the public service. The team provide the collective leadership to communicate, incentivise and mainstream these initiatives across the public service.

While the action team identified 12 high level initiative areas for implementation over the lifetime of the plan, the group decided to place its initial focus on the following five prioritised initiatives. Further information on the prioritized initiatives can be found here.


Innovation Declaration

All Public Service organisations are asked to opt in and declare their organisation’s commitment to promoting and developing a culture of innovation.

As part of the Declaration, organisations commit to enabling, supporting and equipping public servants to innovate in their roles, and cultivate new partnerships and incorporate diverse views when designing and delivering services.  Please click here for a copy.

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