Action 16: Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

On 28th March 2019 the PSLB agreed the 2019 implementation priorities and selected Priority Actions for immediate implementation including Action 16, Promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

Following the appointment of the Leads and Sponsors for this Action, a meeting of the Action Team comprising of sectoral experts was held on 7 June. At that meeting the follow issues were explored:

  • Exploring understanding of definitions
  • What should the objective of the Action be?
  • What are the issues/challenges in the area?
  • Are there exemplars of good practice?
  • How do we manage scope; what should our priorities be, where can we add value?

This meeting identified a number of key issues that require careful consideration ahead of the finalisation of any proposed initiatives by the Group. These included:

  • Issues concerning definitions,
  • Concerns as to shared understandings of the ‘business case’ for equality, diversity and inclusion,
  • Data quality and data collection,
  • The role of organisational leadership in delivering change
  • The importance of wide-ranging consultation in the design of actions in this space, and
  • The large number of actions already in this space and the desire of the group to add value.

In that context the Action Group agreed that further work was required before fully scoping the action or proposing specific initiatives.

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